Saline di Marsala e Mothia

Escursione saline di Marsala e Mothia

It stretches on the western coast of Sicily in the territory of the municipality of Marsala, in the sea section between Capo San Teodoro and Capo Boeo or Lilibeo, including the four islands of San Pantaleo (Mozia), Isola Grande, Schola and Santa Maria and the salt San Teodoro, Genna and Ettore Infersa. The reserve includes the "Stagnone" (named after it) a lagoon, the largest of Sicily, characterized by low water (1-2 m and not more than 50 cm). Following the movements of the sand of the lagoon due to the underwater currents, the Isola Grande formed around two original islets. The birth of the island closed an open sea part and here, as there are no currents necessary for the replacement, the water has become stagnant, with a temperature above normal. Within the reserve are included the saline Hector Drifting, Genna Salt and Salt Teodoro Salt

Mozia (or even Mothia, Motya) was an ancient Phoenician city, located on the island of San Pantaleo, in the Stagnone of Marsala. The island is located opposite the western coast of Sicily, between the Great Island and the mainland, and belongs to the Whitaker Foundation.

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